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Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra

Ptolemaic Egypt | Alexandria

Ptolemaic Egypt

Amazon. Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra: History and Society Under the Ptolemies by Michel Chauveau, translated by David Lorton, billed as a "an accessible introduction to the social, economic, religious, military, and cultural history of Ptolemaic Egypt."

Reviewed by Marjorie S. Venit, Bryn Mawr Classical Review November 2000. "Given the marketability of Cleopatra's name, it is not entirely surprising that Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra … is so named even though it is not actually about Cleopatra."
Review by Kris Hirst (

The House of Ptolemy. Ever-growing portal of information on Hellenistic Egypt and more (Adam D. Philippidis) Also read its review in BMERR (Marjorie Venit).

Amazon. A History of the Ptolemaic Empire by Gunther Holbl, trans. Tina Saavedra.

Reviewed by Peter C. Nadig, Bryn Mawr Classical Review (June 2001).
"Hölbl shows a remarkable grasp of the classical authors, as well as all the other relevant sources. His main strength lies, however, in the incorporation of the Egyptological evidence, to which he gives a far greater coverage than previous writers who have written handbooks on this epoch."
Al-Ahram review by Jill Kamil (Jan. 2002). Positive.

Brief survey of the Ptolemaic dynastry by the industrious (and scholarly) Jona Lendering, running down the pharaohs, with images of most. Lendering also has a good page on Egyptian pharaohs, hyperlinked.

"Reign of the Ptolemies: Egypt after Alexander the Great" by Romeo Reyes. (from David's Ancient World)

"The Kingdom of the Ptolemies" from the History Section of Hellas:Net by Martijn Moerbeek (gorgeous site).


"Cleopatra's Palace Found" by Angela M.H. Schuster, Newsbrief from Archaeology (March/April 1997 )

Catholic Encyclopedia: Alexandrian Library by George Melville Bolling, from the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia, dicounting the idea that Muslims destroyed the library.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Alexandria by Jules Pargoire, from the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia, with much detail on Christian denominations resident at the turn of the 20h century. Much changed, alas.

Alexandria and her Schools by Charles Kingsley. 1854 lectures survey Hellenistic thru Muslim Alexandria. Very dated, but a few good phrases. On-site etext

Amazon. VHS: Cleopatra's Alexandria (2000). Another unknown documentary.

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