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Cleopatra Music

Opera | Rock and Roll

"Cleopatra" by Egyptian singer Mohammed Abdel Wahab and lyricist Aly Mahmoud Taha, with lyrics translated into English. There's a short clip from the song too—25 minutes at full length. This is an interesting document, evidence for modern Egyptian reappropriation of their classical history. But read the lyrics:

"She was sent in a boat (getting everything from my art), with happy paddles, swaying with a singing nymph.
Oh my love, this is my love night.
Oh my love, this is my love night.
Oh Oh Oh my love this is my love night, aaah, oh my love this is my love night.
O' O', O', O', Aaaaa Aahi if you share my heart's happiness.
Our night is wine surrounded by singing desires.
And a sail swimming in the light taking care of our shadow."
It reminds me strongly of an article from one of my favorite pieces of LitCrit, an article in the Southern Literary Review (1830s or 40s), which a translates a Turkish translation of Young's Night Thoughts—or rather a Turkish translation in Armenian letters of the French translation of Young. Anyway, the result is rather similar.


Audio: Antony and Cleopatra opera by Chiusano and Tyburn, apparently based on Shakespeare.

Synopsis of opera Cléopâtre by Jules-Émile-Frédéric Massenet, by Chris Hapka.

French page on Massenet's opera with photos of the first performance.

Rock and Roll

The Rolling Stones : Blinded by Love. Yes, it's about Cleopatra (and some others); here's the lyrics.

The Smiths, "Some Girls are Bigger than Others" bears quoting:

"As Anthony said to Cleopatra
as he opened a crate of ale:
some girls are bigger than others
some girls are bigger than others
some girls' mothers are bigger than
other girls' mothers."

Neil Young "Sedan Delivery".

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