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Chronology of the Great War
Culture and Art in the Great War
Educational Recourses
Films of the Great War
France in the Great War
Germany in the Great War
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Ireland in the Great War
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Pacifism in the Great War
Photographs from the Battlefields
Personal Stories from the Great War
Poems of Glory and Despair
Poetry of the Great War
Referring Sites 

Ulster in the Great War
Veterans Stories
Wilfred Owen
Women in the Great War

Are kitchener.jpg (11708 bytes) trying to find information on a Relative who served in the Great War?

Search for a Veteran of the Great War. I have received so many requests from people looking for relatives, friends or someone who fought or served in the Great War that I put together a Search Page listing all the places that I know of in the USA, Canada, England, France and so on where you can begin your search for the person you are looking for who fought in the Great War.

You can also search the War Graves Commission for the site of someone who was killed in the Great War. Here you can put in the name, initial, and date of death could help you locate a gravesite in France or Belgium. You can also try Kevin Stock's New Page for searching for relatives.

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