The Great War

Perhaps no one went to war more willingly than the men of the 36th Ulsters. They went to "sacrifice all" for God, King and Country. Yet, as many found out, they did not sacrifice, "they were the sacrifice." They were the first over the top at the Somme on the First of July 1916 and saw action in some of the bloodiest actions of the War.

"Lest We Forget"

Dedicated to those from both communities in Ireland who served and died in The Great War.

Karl Murray's Site dealing with the entire war, but focusing on Northern Ireland. Absolutely Wonderful Site. Many of the listings below are from his Site.

Very Important Links and Sites on Ulster's Role in The Great War

An article on the 36thUlsters (UVF) This is a good article detailing the rise and expericence of the Ulster Volunteers who were organized in 1912 against Home Rule. They went off willingly to fight for God, King and Ulster and were slaughtered on the First Day of the Somme.

The UVF at the Somme 1916

Story of the 36th (Ulster) Division in the Great War

The 36th (Ulster) Division and the Battle of the Somme

Alex R. Murray - "Killed in Action"

The Ulster Division's Attack (Map and Lists all regiments at The Somme.)

Thiepval Nowadays (Map)

Thiepval Wood and the Ulster Tower (Picture)

Connaught Road and Mill Road Cemeteries (Picture)

The Ulster Tower (Picture)

The Thiepval Memorial (Picture)

Ulster Divisional Badge (Picture)