Germany in The Great War

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Deutsches Historisches Museum: German Historical Museum, Berlin.

Die Darstellbarkeit des Krieges im Museum ("The Presentation of War in Museums")

A German site reporting on the conference of the same name.

Die deutsch-amerikanischen Beziehungen vom 1. Weltkrieg bis zu den Anfängen der NS-Herrschaft: German-American relations from WWI to the Nazi era

The Ernst Jünger Home Page. (German author)

 Fritz-Haber-Institut History

Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War - by Admiral Scheer ]

German Poetry of The Great War

Massacre of the Innocents - Article from the History Net on the "Der Kindermord bei Ypren."

The major museums of Europe, commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918

World War I Page of the Max-Planck Institute (Germany). .

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