France in the Great War

Atlas of France's Military in The Great War

2eme Bataille de la Marne

Biographical Index of The Great War

Deuxième Bataille de la Marne -alt-

France at War, Photo Gallery 1915 to 1918 - ( Military, World War One, History, Photographs, French, German, Army )

France and Belgium in The Great War (In French)

Guerre de 1914-1918 (Philippe Wille)

Joffre's Report on the Marne

La Grande Guerre - WW1

LegendMUD World War I, France

Mairie de Metz - Le Train de Verdun à Metz

Posters and analysis from The Great War

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon et la Grande Guerre (Marc Cormier)

Verdun Monument to Bayonet Trench - Cover Page Oct. '96 Military History Feature

World War I, The Entente Cordiale Between England and France

WWI Another Look

This is all I have right now on France. I am open to any and all suggestions on links for France. There are very few out there that I know of. Any help is greatly appreciated. E-mail ME if you know of any. Thanks!