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Art and Culture 

Art of the First World War - 110 paintings from international collections commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the First World War.


Lost Poets of the Great War

Education and Research Information
Films on the Great War

Fairytale: The True Story - This is a wonderful film that gives you a strong sense how the war affected England.

Great War Societies
Media - Telvision--Radio--Magazines
Pacifism in the Great War
Personal Remembrances of the Great War.
Photos from the Great War.  - From WW I Archives.  Currently they have 1026 photos.
World War I -the beauty in its midst.
Posters, Propaganda and Cartoons from the Great War.






Ireland in the Great War

New Zealand and World War One

Ulster in the Great War

The Great War in the Media

The Black Adder  

The "Clock" A Magazine of the Great War - This was done as a high school project and is a very good site.

  PBS - The Great War  

 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Pre-War Indiana Jones Timeline - Site that has the Timeline for the late and lamented Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

The Great War Game Site

Music from the Great War (Real Audio Format)

Song Lyrics of The Great War

Sound Files from the Great War 

Upstairs, Downstairs -The Great War Episodes

The War Times Journal contains rare archives of personal memoirs and galleries of previously unpublished photographs, as well as articles and summaries provided on-line by our magazine.

Education and Important Information on the Great War.

Articles on the Great War - Various articles dealing wtih the significance of the Great War.

Battlefields This site is run by a school in England and covers most of the battles of The Great War in which students from that school took part.

Battles of The Great War

Bibliography - Great site for books on The Great War.

Click to show full size. Casualty Figures of All Nations ( A "Trenches on the Web Site."

"Doughboy Center" - The Story of the American Expeditionary Force (from the Great War Society - A wealth of information.)

EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents

Flanders Field - An article by Rob Ruggenberg in the Netherlands dealing with the war in Flanders Fields.

French Posters and analysis of The Great War

From the Trenches They Speak: A Critical Analysis of British World War I Poetry. - An Essay by Angela Johnson

The Frognal Centre Archives  This site deals with wounds suffered in the Great War  -  Sidcup UK 

The Intellectuals and The Great War -Randolph Bourne- Excellent article.

Market Harborough - Study by Barry Summers in England on the effects of the War on this town.

An educational and a very eclectic site on The Great War located at the Alabama Humanities Foundation.

The Ottoman Anatolia

The Road to Passchendaele - Good Article discussing the buildup and what led to the disaster at "Third Ypres."

The Post 'Great War' Years (1920 to the present day)

Propaganda Analysis - World War I Propaganda

Reading Materials on the Great War

Reference Library - Great War

Relevance - quarterly journal of The Great War Society.

Sports and Ideology from the University of California at Santa Barbara

World War I, Links to Other Resources - Another very good resource on the Web: Australian, Canadian, English, German, et. al.

The War Times Journal - Excellent Academic Articles on all aspecst of the War.

The World War I Document Archive - Many Primary documents.

World War I (1914-1918) This is a tremendous site for all types of information on The Great War. Make sure you visit this for all the information you need.

   You need to go here to understand the social context of .The Great War in England.


The Treaty of Versailles - The full text


John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace

The Faults of the World War I Peace Settlement

Posters, Propaganda and Cartoons from the Great War.

World War I Political Cartoons

British Posters of World War I

Graphical Arts - propaganda posters from World War I and II. Also some American adverstising posters from the first half of the 20th Century.

Punch: British Propaganda from 1914-1915

Propaganda Analysis - World War I Propaganda

Posters from All countries in the War

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