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NZ Artillery of the Korean War


With the defeat of Japan in 1945 and the ensuing imbalance of military power in the region, North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950. When the United Nations called for assistance to support the South, the New Zealand Government initially sent a frigate. In July 1950, the Government decreed that an artillery regiment would be sent as NZ's contribution to ground forces, and 16 Field Regiment RNZA was formed. The armistice was signed in July 1954, 16 Fd Regt returned to NZ in 1955 and the last of K Force returned in 1957.  
1st Commonwealth Division patch
1st Commonwealth Division shoulder patch
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The original composition of K Force was:

  • HQ K Force
  • 16 Fd Regt, RNZA
  • signals troop
  • light aid detachment
  • transport platoon
  • training unit
Original strength: 70 officers, 974 other ranks

Unit Citation
Korean citation
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Main engagement:


The Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation was awarded to 16 Fd Regt RNZA for service in the Battle of Kapyong. The award was accepted but the citation was not worn.

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New Zealanders killed in the Korean War
The Duck and Umbrella Incident - 162 Bty and 163 Bty prepare for Korea
A Night near Hill 159
Hill 355 - 16 Fd Regt in Korea
The Hook
Defensive Fire Tasks in the Korean War
With the Durham Light Infantry in Korea
16 Fd Regt and the 'Utah' Battalion at Kapyong
16 Field Regiment today
161 Battery
163 Battery
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