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Politics, Elective

1790   Acts of the Fifteenth General Assembly of New Jersey. This document refers to voters as both "he" and "she," 1790. 

1797   Women at the Polls in New Jersey; a newspaper engraving from 1880 picturing women voting in 1797. 

1797   An Act to regulate the election of members of the legislative council and general assembly, sheriffs and coroners, in this State. This act allowed voting by women, 1797. 

1807   Acts of the Thirty-second General Assembly of the State of New Jersey, 1807. This act limits voting to free, white, male citizens. 

1868   Portia Gage Tries to Vote in Vineland. A description by an early suffragist of her attempt to vote in a municipal election, 1868. 

c. 1917   Antoinette Brown Blackwell, suffragist, c. 1917. 

1920   Pioneer Suffragist Casts G. O. P. Ballot. Newspaper coverage of Antoinette Brown Blackwell's visit to the polls, 1920. 

1928   Lillian Ford Feickert (1877-1945), president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association, 1912-1920. 

1947   Mary Norton and the Women of the 80th Congress, 1947.   

1956   Florence Price Dwyer (1902-1976), a campaign flyer illustrating the techniques she used to appeal to voters, 1956. 

1965   Mildred Barry Hughes (1902-1995), the first woman elected to the New Jersey Senate, 1965. 

1969   Copy of telegram from Republican Congresswomen Florence Price Dwyer to President Nixon reminding him to release the report of a Task Force on Women, 1969. 

c. 1970s   Helen S. Meyner (1928-1997), Congresswoman from Phillipsburg, meeting constituents, 1970s. 

1972   Ann Rosensweig Klein (1923-1986) ran as a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary in 1972. 

c. 1982   Millicent Hammond Fenwick (1910-1992), United States Congresswoman, c. 1982. 

1993   Christine Todd Whitmann (1946-). Campaign flyer, "Christie Whitman’s Blueprint for a Better Education," 1993.


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