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Opera and Musicals

Handel, Solomon (1749) | Gounod, Reine de Saba (1862) | Goldmark, The Queen of Sheba (1875) | Musicals

Handel, Solomon (1749)

The full libretto.

"Arrival of the Queen of Sheba," in Midi, PDF and other formats. Free for downloading.

Amazon. A Baroque Feast / Festin Baroque includes "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" from the opera Solomon.Listen to "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" on the Analekta site. Don't know what it sounds like? You know, you just don't know you know.

Gounod, Reine de Saba (1862)

Dramatis personae and synopsis. Much more detail in available in French.

Goldmark, The Queen of Sheba (1875)

The Queen of Sheba (Die Königin von Saba), opera by Karl Goldmark and G. H. Mosenthal. Produced: Vienna, March 10, 1875. Synopsis.

Review of an early-1900s production (location, author and periodical unknown). The description is extremely stirring:

"One glittering pageant treads on the heels of another, each more gorgeous and resplendent than the last, until the stage, set to represent a fantastical hall with a bewildering vista of carved columns, golden lions, and rich draperies, is filled with such a kaleidoscopic mass of colors and groupings as only an Oriental mind could conceive."

Amazon. The Queen of Sheba / Die Konigin Von Saba, conducted by Adan Fischer. Hungarian performance; I can't discover anything else than this, but the label is "Hungaroton." (Sounds like a robot.)


Audio: Sheba, "a New Pop Rock Gospel Musical" with book and lyrics by Sharleen Cooper Cohen, music by Gary William Friedman.

"Love, passion, political upheaval, sexism, jealousy, infidelity, revenge, murder—SHEBA has it all!"
You can listen to many of the songs. In 1996 the Jewish Repertory Theater did a production. James Bevins took photographs.

Amazon. Soundtrack to "Sheba" by Gary William Friedman.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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