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Medieval Renaisance–1800 1800–1950 Contemporary Movies Ethiopian Islamic Merchandise
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c Ethiopian Ethiopian Drink menu from the Addis Ababa Hilton's Sheba Lounge photo by  Nicholas Clapp
20c. Ethiopian
191 x 298
261 x 273
"Drink menu from the Addis Ababa Hilton's Sheba Lounge" (photo by Nicholas Clapp)
170 x 490
unknown artist looks Ethiopian recent Ethiopian unknown author another contemporary Ethiopian mural
unknown artist; looks Ethiopian
250 x 164
recent Ethiopian; unknown author
200 x 275
another contemporary Ethiopian mural
533 x 400
from a  Kebra Negast sheba-eth th-century Ethiopian painting of the ShebaSolomon narrative
from a 1965 Kebra Negast
640 x 559
400 x 710
"20th-century Ethiopian painting of the Sheba/Solomon narrative"
450 x 250
Ethiopian c Ethiopian unknown artist
Ethiopian (20c.?)
300 x 198
320 x 241
unknown artist
332 x 442
Showing 1–12 of 12 page [1]
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