Combat Mission
is an advanced and intelligent computer war game, depicting platoon to battalion level combat in World War 2. It is not a 'shoot em up' game or 'first person shooter', but a tactical game where you issue commands to the units under your control.  Morale plays a key role in the game, and it will prove impossible for green troops to storm a MG position unsupported, for example! The game also features an advanced scenario generator, enabling you to develop a whole host of historical and fictional combat scenarios. Personally I think it gives the layman a good opportunity to come to terms with various aspects of command and control on a battlefield, and from a fun point of view a good way into getting a wider perspective on WW2 battles.

There are currently two versions available; one dealing with the campaign in North West Europe 1944-45 - Combat Mission Beyond Overlord (CMBO) - and another dealing with the Eastern Front 1941-45 - Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin (CMBB). A new version entitled Combat Mission Africa Korps (CMAK) has just (December 2003) been released, and deals with the fighting in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.

This part of the site will devoted to Combat Mission:

CMAK Section 

New section dealing with the brand new game for North Africa, Crete and Italy. 

CMBB Scenarios  

Scenarios I have designed myself for the Eastern Front. These are unique to this site and are not available anywhere else. 

Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin Photo Album  

Screenshot photos from some of the CMBB games I have played.

Combat Mission Links

Guide to some of the best CM sites.


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