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Wargaming WW2

This section of the site contains articles and information on wargaming WW2.

The computer games market is almost flooded with games of this genre now, but here we are more interested in table-top WW2 gaming - with a couple of exceptions.

If you would like me to review any WW2 related products then drop me an email.

Paul Reed
Somme (France) & Kent (UK)

Email: [email protected]

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airfixlogo1.jpg (13990 bytes) Airfix
The company we all grew up on is making a comeback! Long may it continue.
ABtank6.jpg (15935 bytes) AB Figures
Manufacturers of an excellent range of 1/76th scale WW2 figures.
N-Scale ZiS-30 conversion by Pete Blitzkrieg Commander
Well supportted WW2 rules designed for 15mm scale or smaller.
cmakscreen01.JPG (65053 bytes) Combat Mission
Pages devoted to the popular PC game Combat Mission.
BR1201.jpg (27328 bytes) Flames of War
The superb FOW WW2 table-top gaming system.
shermandozer01.jpg (84551 bytes) Rapid Fire
One of the most popular table-top wargaming rule sets for WW2.

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Valiant Miniatures
New range of 20mm plastic figures.
Society of 20th Century Wargamers
External link to this excellent society of which I am a member.
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