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There is an incredible amount of web sites dedicated to WW2 and WW2 battlefields. Here I have listed some of those I visit regularly. If you own a site not listed here contact me, and I will add it to the list.

I would also be grateful for a link from your site, if you maintain a WW2 web site. If you prefer to use a banner, then feel free to copy the image above. Many thanks.

Paul Reed

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Last Updated: 14 May 2012



Arnhem Battle Research Group

The Battle of Arnhem Archive

The Battle of Arnhem Monument Site

Hartenstein Hotel Museum

Market Garden Guide - useful guide to visiting the battlefields.

Market Garden Tour of former landing Zones & Battlefields

Operation Market Garden

Oorlogsgraven in Nederland - website in Dutch dedicated to war cemeteries in Holland. 

Remember September '44



World War Two Battlefield Relics - A WW2 virtual museum.



American Experience: Battle of the Bulge 

Ardennes Poteau 44 Museum - excellent museum devoted to the Bulge.

Ardennes 44: Battle of the Bulge - nice site with a mixture of information.

Association of Museums of the Battle of the Ardennes - details and links to all Bulge museums. 

Bastogne Tourism pages - includes information on the battlefields.

Battle of the Bulge, Northern Shoulder - excellent site by Hans Wijers.

Battle of the Bulge: The Ardennes Offensive - useful overview.

CEBA Luxembourg - association which studies the Battle of the Bulge and runs Clervaux museum.

CRIBA - Belgian association for study into the Battle of the Bulge. Good links to US unit web sites.



German Experiences in Russia - US Army interviews with German Army veterans of the Russian front.

Kursk Page - superb site dedicated to the Battle of Kursk. Recommended.

Operation Barbarossa - excellent site with much info and maps. Recommended. 

Ostfront - nice site about WW2 German/Russian militaria.

Stalingrad Battlefield Information 

The Battle for Stalingrad

RKKA in World War II - excellent site for the Eastern Front.



Feldgrau.com - excellent resource about the German Army in WW2. Recommended.

The German War Machine - new magazine about the German Army in WW2.



Defence of Britain Project - home page of this important project.

Defence of East Sussex Project - superb website about anti-invasion sites in East Sussex. Recommended.

Pillbox Study Group - excellent website about WW2 pillboxes in the UK.


Anzio 1944 - Centre of Military History site. 

Battle of Anzio - Army site detailing the involvement of the KSLI. 

Buffalo Soldiers Assault on the Gothic Line - article about the US 92nd Division.

Dal Vortuno A Cassino - excellent Cassino & Gustav Line site (in Italian).

Gemmano 1944 - the Gothic Line and Operation Olive.

Gothic Line - superb new website looking at the fighting around Rimini.

Historia - Italian site largely dealing with Cassino. 

The Italian Campaign - excellent site dealing largely with 85th US Division.

Italian Front Group - web site dedicated to Italian Military History 1849-1944.

Monte Cassino - new Italian site. 

Monte Cassino War Museum  

NW Italy Bombardments - excellent site about the air war in NW Italy.

The Battle for Monte Cassino - account of German veteran Bob Frettlöhr.

WWII Anzio Battle - information page on Anzio with maps and links to books/viedos. 



6th Airborne Division in Normandy - excellent site dealing with this division. 

A Tour of The Normandy Battlefields - excellent web site by Professor Gerhard Rempel looking at Normandy form the perspective of 12th SS Panzer Division (Hitlerjugend).

American D Day - excellent new site in French/English which includes details of all US soldiers killed on Omaha.

Battle of Lingevres - excellent site about operations at Lingevres June 1944.

Carentan Historical Centre - new museum in Normandy.  

D Day Ancestors - my other WW2 website which lists those who died on 6th June 1944.

D Day: Etat des Lieux - excellent French site by Patrick Elie, with some content in English.

D Day: History Revisted - well constructed site with much battlefield information.

D Day Museum, Portsmouth, UK - link to the excellent UK based D Day museum.

Hill 112 - site dedicated to the Churchill tank memorial on Hill 112 but with some great information.

John Crook's War - site dedicated to a veteran who served with the Hallamshires in Normandy. 

Juno Beach - pages covering the Canadian operations on 6th June 1944. 

Juno Beach Centre - site dedicated to new Canadian visitors centre at Courseulles-sur-Mer.

Normandie 44 - excellent French site with a page for every Normandy town and village. Recommended.

Normandie Memoire - D Day + 60 years. Details of the Ceremonies for June 2004. 

Omaha Beach - official US Army publication on the fighting. Free to download!

Screaming Eagles - new museum in Normandy.  new!

Spearhead Sussex - excellent website looking at the buildup to D-Day in Sussex. Recommended.



- There are literally hundreds of these and I only includes ones that I have used for research.

7th (Armoured) Division - superb website with the history of this famous British division with Orders of Battle, photos etc.

9th Royal Tank Regiment - useful history of this tank unit with served in NW Europe.

59th Division 1939-44 - Excellent website devoted to this Staffordshire Division which fought in Normandy.

506th PIR - the unit made famous in Band of Brothers.

WildBillGuarnere.com - web site dedicated to the Easy Coy 506 PIR veteran. 

The Coleraine Battery - History of 6 Light Anti Aircraft Battery RA.  new!

Creuilly Club - web site of the 4/7th Dragoon Guards (NW Europe) Association.

Eighth Army - excellent site with much history and unique photos. Recommended. 

One of Many - an excellent site detailing the history of the British 46th Division in WW2. 

Royal Artillery 1939-45 - superb resource site for researching RA units in WW2. Highly recommended. 

WWII Unit Histories - nice site with details of all sorts of military units that were in WW2. 

Worcestershire Regiment - useful site which was WW2 War Diaries. 


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

2nd Panzer Division 'Das Reich'

2nd Bn Cameron Highlanders - good history articles for WW2.

No 4 Commando

6th Airborne Division

7th Black Watch

15th (Scottish) Division Research website - excellent site with much useful historical information.

25th Panzer Grenadier Division

Senitmental Journey - supplier of British uniforms, equipment & militaria, especially for re-enactors.

Summer of 44 - British based group.



Achtung Panzer! - superb web site with technical details and photos of WW2 German tanks.

American Battle Monuments Commission - includes online database of Americans killed in WW2 and buried or commemorated in US Military Cemeteries.

Australian Forces Nominal Roll WW2 - online resources fro tracing WW2 Australian servicemen.

Canadian War Museum, Adegem - website of the museum in northern Belgium from the 1944 fighting.

Canadian Virtual War Museum - web site of the Canadian War Museum.

Commando Supremo: Italy At War - detailed site about the Italian Army in WW2.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - online database of British & Commonwealth soldiers who died.

Dan's World War II Travels & Sites of Interest - nice site looking at WW2 in south-west England. Recommended. 

Deutsche Kiregerdenkmaler - excellent German war memorial site with super photos (German text).

Forgotten Battles of the Second World War - now includes a forum.

German War Graves Commission - online database of German soldiers who fell in WW2.

Historical Battle Guide - useful website for planning battlefield visits; not just WW2.

Kilroy Was Here - WWII and Korean War.  Unknown stories revealed and places rediscovered.

Liberation Children - website which renders assistance to the descendants of WW2 soldiers in the search for their family.

Maps of WWII: Western Front 1944 - useful site with maps of the major operations. 

New Zealand Official Histories - all NZ WW2 official histories to download for free! 

NgaToa - excellent site dedicated to New Zealand veterans accounts of WW2.  new!

Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann - excellent Wittmann site with good account of his service.

Pillbox Study Group - web site for those who study WW2 pillboxes in the UK.

Second World War Experience Centre - centre established to preserve archival material connected with WW2.

Tanks in WW2 - good technical details site with useful links.

The Battlefields Today - photos of Arnhem, Battle of the Bulge & Normandy as it is today.

US Army Descendants Belgium - Belgian based association of those with connections to US servicemen.  new!

World War 2 Battlefields - Good site covering the main ETO areas.

World War2.nl - new Dutch website about WW2.

WWII: Dare & Endure - nice site with good links to US Army unit sites and veteran memoirs.

WWII: A British Focus - good site, with excellent links and useful forum.

WW2.klup.info - major WW2 links site with much useful information and links.

WWII Maps - another travel site with good maps of Asia, Italy and ETO.

WW2 Network - good forums and resources, plus excellent links.

WW2 People's War - new and excellent BBCi site. Register and post for information and contacts. 

Sites of WW2 - excellent site showing many WW2 battlefields and sites.  new!



The Armourer Magazine - the excellent UK based militaria magazine. 

After The Battle

Militaria Magazine - the excellent French publication. Parts of the site also in English.

Naval & Military Press Ltd

The Military History Bookshop

Pen & Sword Books Ltd

Major & Mrs Holts Battlefield Guide Books and Maps 

World War Two Books


Arnhem Battle On-Line Message Forum

Forgotten Battles of WW2 Forum

Tanks in WW2 Forum

Third Reich Forum 

Treasure Bunker Forum - new and good forum covering WW2 militaria.

WW2 Forums - large WW2 forum area, with numerous topics for discussion. Recommended.

WildBillGuarnere.com - WW2 forum on the web site dedicated to the Easy Company veteran. Has good general WW2 content, including battlefields and unit histories. Recommended.

World War 2 Talk - excellent new WW2 forum with a British bias. Highly Recommended! 


Please note that the listing of a militaria dealer here is not a recommendation.

Battlefield Relics



Battlefront.com - Producers of Combat Mission and other PC wargames.

Combat Mission HQ - official website of the excellent tactical game.

Combat Mission Scenario Depot - superb downloads with hundreds of new scenarios. Recommended.  

CMMC2 - Operations in the East - CMBB campaign website. 

Grossdeutschland for Combat Mission - website dedicated to fighting CM2 with this elite German unit. Recommended.

Tommy: The British in Combat Mission - superb web site with extra material for running British scenarios. Includes historical info on British divisions in NW Europe. Highly recommended.

Combat Mission - The Med: The first website for the forhtcoming Combat Mission Afrika Korps (CMAK) game.

Combat Mission Africa Korps - official Battlefront page for the new game which will cover North Africa, Sicily and Italy.

Flames of War - website for the new set of WW2 wargame rules. Recommended. 

Rapid Fire! - excellent site for the popular miniature rules set. Focuses on NW Europe. Recommended.

Rapid Fire! - the official site for this popular rule-set. 

Battlefront WW2 - official website for the US designed rule set, proving popular for 15mm games.

Skirmish Campaigns - superb website for the Skirmish Campaigns books.

Society Of Twentieth Century Wargamers - site for the excellent society for those interested in 20th century gaming. 

End of Empires: WW2 - An epic scale turn-based multiplayer strategy game of an Alternate Second World War. 

Sudden Strike - official website of the PC game.

Close Combat World - Information portal, mods and maps for the Close Combat gamer.

GODs Close Combat Links - links to all the various versions. 

Wargames Journal - new on-line Wargames magazine with plenty of WW2 coverage. 

Frontline Observer - new WW2 on-line wargames magazine. Highly recommended!

Chris Kemp's Not Quite Mechanised - Operational Level fast-play war game rules for WWII and other 20th Century Wars. 

Blitzkrieg Commander - interesting WW2 rule set for 15mm or smaller with excellent website.  new!


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