cm_pho5.jpg (63725 bytes) The German war machine has been unleashed with a second Blitzkrieg for the invasion of Russia. In Army Group Central 18th Panzer Division is to cross the River Bug at Patulin, which marks the German-Russian border. Only a handful of border guards and units from 62nd Fortified District stand in their way, but the river must be crossed under fire and the bridge over the next river taken intact. Added: June 2003


NARWA 1944 

narwa_1.jpg (60342 bytes)The Soviet's Winter Offensive of 1943/44 had forced the Germans on the Baltic coast to withdraw to the river Narwa. The Germans maintained a bridgehead to east of the city of the same name, while the Soviets had a similar bridgehead on the German side of the river. The scenario depicts the Soviet assault on the German positions.  Added: August 2003


nalchik01.jpg (43083 bytes) During the advance through the Caucasus foothills, the 2nd Roumanian Montain Division has been put in the field to fight its way to join up with the 23rd Panzer Division coming north from Nalchik. Assisted by the German 99th Mountain Regiment, these two formations on the western flank must advance their way across the Tesgem river, and take the Nalchik-Maiskoye road. Standing in their way are elements of the 295th Rifle Division of the Soviet Army.  Added: December 2003



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