These are screenshots from some of the CMBB games I have played. Several of them are from scenarios featured in the CM Scenario Page.

Hornet's Nest

cm_pho1.jpg (63114 bytes) cm_pho2.jpg (63261 bytes) cm_pho3.jpg (79243 bytes) cm_pho4.jpg (65473 bytes)
T34 in action. Russian Infantry advance through a churchyard with lend-lease M3 halftrack. Prey to the Hornets - a KV1 knocked out en-route to the objective. The Hornet strikes - a Nashorn defending the ridge line.


cm_pho6.jpg (60359 bytes) cm_pho5.jpg (63725 bytes) cm_pho7.jpg (73191 bytes) cm_pho8.jpg (67987 bytes)
Assault boats cross the River Bug. The boats have made the far bank - the infantry move in. Tanks have crossed further down the river and arrive as reinforcements. The Russian defenders lie in wait...


T34 Flame tank assaults the forward German lines and minefields. The soviet tanks take heavy losses from the dug-in anti-tank guns. Nashorns arrive as reinforcements for the Germans. A handful of Panzer Grenadiers defend the ridge on the Minsk Highway...

Note: This scenario will feature on the site soon!

Hit Counter


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