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Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge was one of the largest battles of the Second World War, and one of the most important of the European Theatre of Operations (ETO - North West Europe). Just as the Allies appeared to be winning, just as we had almost reached the Rhine at Arnhem, just as we had pierced the Westwall and ended the fighting in the Huertgen Forest, the Germans mustered for one last major offensive and a huge army crossed into the snowbound Ardennes.

Today, because of the vast area fought over in 1944-45, the Ardennes is arguably the largest of any Second World War battlefield in the west. It is in many ways a huge open-air museum, with hundreds of memorials, cemeteries, battle sites and vehicles.

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Bagneux Historial Centre; new museum in the Ardennes.

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Bastogne Sherman
Sherman tank Memorial in Bastogne.
Celles Panther
Memorial in Celles to the point where British forces stopped the advance.
Hotton War Cemetery
British War Cemetery for the Ardennes fighting.
La Gleize King Tiger
Rare example of this impressive tank - and nearby museum.
M10 Achillies, La Roche
Memorial to the Northants Yeomanry of 51st (Highland) Division.
Ardennes  Tourist Information
Practical information for visiting the area.
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