Born in Sussex, England, Paul Reed is in his late-30s and has a life-long interest in military history. Encouraged by some good history teachers, he spent his teenage years interviewing veterans from the First World War and from this developed a great interest in the period. Over the next decade he acquired an unrivaled knowledge of the battlefields of the Western Front in France and Flanders, and was very active within the Western Front Association: regularly giving lectures and talks, and was at one time the Chairman of the Sussex Branch WFA. In 1994 he bought a house on the Somme with his wife, Kieron, and living in the middle of the battlefields was able to expand his knowledge even further. In the past few years he has lived between this house, and his home in the South-East of England.

Today he is one of the leading historians on the subject of the First World War and has currently published five books in the 'Battleground Europe' series by Pen & Sword Books in the UK.

In 2002 Paul appeared on the BBC2 Meet The Ancestors programme 'Forgotten Battlefield' and since then has worked on several other programmes, including documentaries about D Day, Gallipoli and the war poet Wilfred Owen.

Paul has also maintained a long standing interest in the campaigns in Italy and North-West Europe in the final years of WW2 and has been visiting the battlefields of Normandy since he was a teenager. He is currently working on a book about the Normandy battles of 1944.

In more than 17 years of conducting groups to the battlefields of two World Wars, Paul has taken more than 10,000 people in the footsteps of their ancestors: a record that few can equal.

Visit Paul's WW1 website: http://battlefields1418.50megs.com/

Visit Paul's WW2 website: http://battlefieldsww2.50megs.com/

Paul's Somme website: http://www.somme-1916.com/ 

Paul's Ypres website: http://www.ypres-1917.com/ 



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