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Verdun Battlefields

Verdun is to the French, what the Somme is to the British - a battlefield where a whole generation of young Frenchmen fell in their thousands. Here France was 'bled white' in one of the most ferocious of the Great War battles, and certainly one of the most intense. It is estimated that more than 1,000 shells fell for each square meter of the battlefield, and total casualties for both sides exceeded a million men.

Nearly ninety years later the battlefield receives few English visitors as compared to the 'popular' locations such as the Somme or Ypres. This is a shame, as it is unique - after the war the whole area was planted as one vast national forest, and as such, all the trenches, shell holes and bunkers have been left as they were at the end of the war. Today the trees have grown into a thick forest, and despite the recent bout of deforestation that has certainly damaged parts of the battlefield, walking among the trees at Verdun, and following the many footpaths is certainly a magical experience.

This part of the site will look at various aspects of the Verdun battlefields and it will also contain a 'rough guide' for first time visitors to the area. As always, email me with any questions.

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