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The Last Day of WW1 - BBC Timewatch, November 2008..

Paul Reed is a military historian, author and broadcaster, and has extensive experience of working with TV and radio. Most of his projects have been with the BBC, in their flagship series Timewatch and Meet The Ancestors series. In 2007 he was also worked with the History Channel on some of their first web-based Podcasts. In 2008 Paul worked once more with John Hayes-Fisher on a Timewatch about the final days of World War 1, which was broadcast on BBC2 in November 2008 and was presented by Michael Palin. In 2008 he also acted as Series Consultant for BBC1's 'My Family At War', and worked closely with BBC news in the lead up to 11th November 2008, appearing both on TV and Radio during this period. In addition he was also Historical Consultant for the BBC's Remembrance Wall project.

In 2009 Paul is currently working on a Timewatch about WW1 Air Aces and for the US version of Who Do You Think You Are.

Paul's most recent TV projects include:

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Forgotten Battlefield [BBC 2001]

Directed by John-Hayes Fisher, this featured the work of The Diggers. Paul contributes throughout the programme.

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1914: The War Revolution [BBC 2002]

Directed by Paul Bradshaw, this programme looked at the development of technology and its impact on the outbreak of war. Paul acted as consultant and location fixer.

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Gallipoli: The First D Day [BBC 2003]

Directed by John-Hayes Fisher, this looked at the link between Gallipoli and D Day. Paul was one of the Historical consultants and appears throughout the programme.

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Journey To Hell [BBC 2004]

Directed by Catrine Clay, this looked at war poet Wilfred Owen. Paul acted as a consultant and location fixer, and appears in much of the programme guiding the Owen family round the battlefields.

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Battlefield Podcasts [History Channel 2007]

Produced by the History Channel, and sponsored by Leger Battlefield Tours, these are the first podcasts the channel has made relating to WW1. They are now available on Youtube.

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Last Day of WW1 [BBC 2008]

Directed by John Hayes-Fisher, this film - presented by Michael Palin - looked at the last day, and last casualties of the Great War. Paul was the Historical Consultant and was also a contributor. It was first shown on BBC2 in November 2008 with an audience of 2.5 million. More on the BBC website and also on this site.


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My Family At War [BBC1 2008]

This four part series was specially commissioned for the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice, and took eight celebrities back to the battlefields in search of their ancestors who fought and died: these included Kate Silverton, Rolf Harris, Kirsty Wark and Dan Snow. Paul was the Historical Consultant for the whole series and frequently appears as a contributor. More on the BBC website.

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Sophie Raworth - BBC1 News [BBC1 2008]

This was a news piece broadcast for the 90th Anniversary of the end of WW1 and tells the story of BBC1 newsreader, Sophie Raworth's, great uncle who fell on the Somme in 1918. It was broadcast on BBC1 lunchtime news on 11th November. Paul was Historical Consultant and also a contributor to the piece.

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Timewatch: Aces Falling - [BBC2 2009]

In the final series of Timewatch, this programme looked at WW1 Air Aces James McCudden VC and Mick Mannock VC. Paul worked with Director John Hayes-Fisher in a number of roles, and also is a contributor in the programme.

Paul is available for any project relating to the First World War: from consultancy, location fixing (in France and Belgium this is a specialty) to contributor. Paul has a wealth of local contacts across the whole WW1 battlefields, and also in places like Gallipoli.

For the Second World War Paul is available in the following areas:


D Day and the Normandy Campaign: Paul has extensive knowledge of this area and numerous local contacts.


British, Commonwealth & American forces in North-West Europe: from the breakout in Normandy, to Arnhem, Battle of the Bulge and the final offensives into Germany.


British Army in Italy: from the landings in Sicily to Cassino, Anzio, the Gothic Line and the fighting on the River Po. Paul has a deep interest in this campaign and a close personal connection; his father fought here.

For further information contact Paul Reed at: Email Paul Reed


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