The list of people who have broadcast on WNBC is a who's who of radio.  Complied for your surfing is a collection of links to the alumni I have been able to locate with web pages. If you know of any I do not have, please use the link at the bottom of the page to let me know.

Most frequently asked question:  Why don't you have XXX or YYY on this page, he/she was my favorite.  If they are not here, it's only because I don't have any place to link to them.  Send me a note and a link, and I'll get them added. 

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On Air
case.gif (1111 bytes)Management

bolt.gif (1106 bytes)Engineering/Technical

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Albert, Marv (MSG Network)
A play-by-play broadcaster on WNBC, Marv is currently the radio voice of the Knicks and hosts MSG Sportsdesk. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Beebe, Allen PHOTO 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Belzer, Richard 
While Imus was on "hiatus" in Cleveland, Brink & Belzer was the morning show in 1978-79

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Blair, Frank  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Bob & Ray  (
I can't imagine why I couldn't find a Bob & Ray page, it was right at!

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Breen, Mike (MSG Network) PHOTO
Mike worked sports in the evenings on NBC. He is currently the voice of the New York Knicks TV broadcasts, does play by play for NBC Sports,  and is the sportscaster on Imus In The Morning.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Brindle, Buzz PHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Brown, Ted  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Cipolla, Frank
From Frank: "I first worked at WNBC as a stringer from 1983 to July 1986. At that point I was hired full-time by News Director Doug O'Brien. From July 1986 to January 1988 I did the hourly newscasts on the Soupy Sales Show ( ooohh what stories I have to tell) I also filled in for Charles McCord on the "Imus" show."  Currently a reporter and anchor at UPN 9 News.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Colmes, Alan ( PHOTO
The last man to broadcast on 66 WNBC is now the host of a syndicated radio program, and can be seen on the Fox News Channel.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Collins, Jim PHOTO 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Crandall, Brad  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Criqui, Don  PHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Dark, Johnny PHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Dariano, Ray PHOTO PHOTO
Ray was the co-host of the Soupy Sales show.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)DeAngelis, Judy ( PHOTO
The picture at the WINS site is the same publicity photo from WNBC.  Judy did news in the Mid 80s' until the WFAN sale.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Downs, Hugh
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Fiducia, Donna PHOTO
Donna was a traffic reporter, primarily on the Stern show.

bolt.gif (1106 bytes)Fisher, Francis
(West Virginia Public Radio)
Engineer from 1965-1972

button1.gif (1267 bytes)case.gif (1111 bytes) Frank, Roz PHOTO
Roz was N-Copter Traffic Reporter and Music Director

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Garagiola, Joet  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Garroway, Dave  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor and the Today Show.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Grauer, Bill  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Grundfest, Gail & Bill PHOTO PHOTO
I believe they hosted a weekend talk show

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Imus, Don (The Super Imus Links Page)  PHOTO  PHOTO
Imus was morning show host on WNBC from 12/71 to 8/77 and again from 9/79 through signoff.

bulletImus, Don (Jack's Imus in the Morning Site)
Imus currently is syndicated on over 100 across the country.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Janet From Another Planet (WORK-107.1FM)  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)James, The Real Bob (
Worked at WNBC 10-3 Saturday Morning during the last summer of broadcasting. Now He's a professor. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Lawrence, Mike (Voice Talent)
Spent some time at WNBC in 1983. He recently emailed to say:
" update I am now at KBEST-95 in San Diego doing Oldies in case you were wondering."

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Lebe, Mitch  I REMEMBER
Former WNBC Newsman, appeared on the last WNBC Newscast. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Lowe, Jim  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes) McCord, Charles  PHOTOS
Charles is a long time newscaster and writer for the Imus in the Morning program. Charles began at WNBC in 1972, and worked for NBC's all news radio network in the mid seventies.  

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McGee, Frank  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)McMahon, Ed  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.   

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Mason, Carol PHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)March, Hal  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Mazer, Bill
Sports / Talk Show Host.  From Tim Faracy:"Bill Mazer was on WNBC from about 1964 to 1970 before he went to WNEW-TV. At WNBC he had perhaps the first phone in sports talk show on New York radio. When the station modified its format in January '68 to make it all talk without any music on its local shows the Mazer show went from only sports talk to any topic of interest a caller might offer. This is the way Bill does his current program and he gets heavily into politics and current events and still adds sports to the mix. He was on WNBC Monday to Saturday from 5 PM to 7PM with an extra half hour on Saturday until the start of the NBC network show Monitor. Sometimes Bill would close his own show on Saturday at 7:30 PM and come back at 7:35 PM as a fill in host on Monitor until 10:30 PM."

case.gif (1111 bytes)Metheny, Kevin PHOTO 

button1.gif (1267 bytes) Monitor (RadioGram) I REMEMBER
A terrific article in which Anthony P. Hatch remembers his time at Monitor.. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes) Morrow, Bruce (WCBS-FM)  PHOTO
Cousin Brucie spent time at WNBC but was swept out with the September 1977 mass firing. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Morgan, Henry  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Murray The K (  I REMEMBER
Murray The K Presents Album 

button1.gif (1267 bytes) Nite, Norm N. (WCBS-FM) 
Norm was on NBC with the Nite Train show from 1975-80

button1.gif (1267 bytes)case.gif (1111 bytes) O'Brian, Doug (1010 WINS) I REMEMBER
Doug is a one time news director of 66 WNBC.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)O'Brian, Ron PHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Parks, Bert
Host of Monitor.  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)case.gif (1111 bytes) Parsons, Dale (Aloha Productions)  PHOTOPHOTO PHOTOPHOTO PHOTOPHOTO PHOTOPHOTO PHOTOPHOTO 
Dale was the final program director at WNBC, and helped create the "Time Machine"

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Quivers, Robin PHOTO
Robin was, and still is the newswoman for the Howard Stern show.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Rayburn, Gene
Longtime host of Monitor. 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Reed, Frank  (94.1 FM KLTY)  PHOTO
I still have my "Frank Reed played my request" T-shirt from 1983 when the "Frank Reed All-Request Radio Show" rocked mid-days!

button1.gif (1267 bytes) Reynolds, Joey (News Radio 55, WGR)  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO
I think this is the Joey. Let me know if it is not.

bulletReynolds, Joey ( 
Real Audio link to Joey's program and some archives.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Rock, Bill (
"Radio City Bill" from 1974-77, now promo voice for NBC, CNBC and MSNBC 

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Rosenberg, Al PHOTOS
Voice Talent for Imus and Stern

Rosenberg, Al PHOTOS
Voice Talent for Imus and Stern

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Sales, Soupy   PHOTO  PHOTO
Under Construction, Soupy

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Sarzynski, Michael PHOTO
A note about Michael from Joe Montione: "He was my partner when we owned some stations in Harrisburg, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA in the 80's, and were best friends since college.  Michael passed away after surgery in Philadelphia October 8, 1998.   After WNBC, and our ownership in the '80's, Michael went on to run his own retail audio/video business for over 10 years in South Jersey.  He was a great talent, and a wonderful friend & brother."

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Scott, Jack PHOTO  

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Simms, Dave PHOTO
Dave would host evening sports talk and Knicks/Rangers

bolt.gif (1106 bytes)button1.gif (1267 bytes)Sorensen, Jay PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO  I REMEMBER
Jay was the King of the Time Machine, he also engineered / was sidekick on the Joey Reynolds show.

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Smith, Catherine 
News anchor at WNBC from 1979-1981

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Spector, Jack PHOTOPHOTO

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Stern, Howard (King of All Media Site)   PHOTO  PHOTO
The afternoon guy from September '82 to  September '85

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Summer, Dick I REMEMBER
On air when "the lights went out: in 77!

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Taylor, Dan (WCBS-FM)   PHOTO PHOTO

bolt.gif (1106 bytes)Tucker, Harry I REMEMBER
Engineer for the Radio network and Imus.   

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Tucker, John Bartholomew  I REMEMBER
Final host of Monitor.  

case.gif (1111 bytes) Warner, Charles (U-Missouri)
General Manager 1977-79

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Wayne, David  I REMEMBER
Host of Monitor.  

case.gif (1111 bytes) Whitley, Pat ( 
Program Director 1970-1976

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Wilson, Big   PHOTO
From Gene Garnes Sr.:
"I do recall that when Biggie was "let go", the next week the ratings came out and he was #1 DJ in NYC! His boss was subsequently fired for that misdeed. He went on to Channel 6 in Miami and was there for about as many years and then passed away about 6 or 7 years ago. (Heart attack.) He was very active as a MONITOR "Communicator""

button1.gif (1267 bytes)Wolfman Jack 
The official Wolfman Jack site 

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