The Dulmage Collection

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The Dulmage Collection

The Bill Dulmage Collection consists of four pages of logos and photos.
bulletThis Page: A collection of over 20 station logos and ads.

bulletPhotos 1: Allen Beebe, Don Criqui, Johnny Dark, Roz Frank, Don Imus, Charles McCord, "Captain" Frank Reed
bulletPhotos 2: Mike Breen, Alan Colmes, Judy DeAngelis, Carol Mason, Ron O'Brian, Robin Quivers, Joey Reynolds, Michael Sarzynski, Dave Simms, Jay Sorensen, Howard Stern, Dan Taylor, Cast of the Time Machine.
bulletPhotos 3: Buzz Brindle, Ray Dariano, Donna Fiducia, Gail & Bill Grundfest, Kevin Metheny, Joey Reynolds Team, Al Rosenberg, Soupy Sales Team, Jack Spector

Please visit The Bill Dulmage (Southern Ontario & Western N.Y.) Radio & TV Archive I have never seen as big a collection of logos as he has on his site.


WEAF - The earliest incarnation of NBC Radio, WEAF was the original flagship of the NBC Network and the first to broadcast a commercial.


66 WNBC. - A common look for the logo in the early 80's I believe.  Bill Says: Logo #2 is off the actual Imus / Soupy / Joey poster.
WNBC03.gif WNBC Radio 66 - I have seen this on late 70's stationary, It is pre stereo. Bill Says: #3 is from the early 80's.

There's only one place for people like us. - An ad campaign from near the very end. Joey Reynolds would replace Howard Stern in late 85. Alan Colmes replaced Joey.


66 WNBC - Another logo look. I would guess this is mid 70's. Bill Says: #5 is off an old bumper sticker.


The Time Machine. Another look at the Time Machine Jukebox logo. According to Jeff Baker, this was a key chain.


WNBC Radio 66. I would call this circa 1982, You would see this one saying "Stereo 66" as well.

WNBC Think. A bumper sticker.

WNBC Stereo 66. Bumper Sticker.

AM Stereo. 66 WNBC was one of the first AM Stereo Stations. Was it CQAM I think? Someone will know and write. Bill Says: WNBC started out with Khan stereo - they even had flyers promoting the fact that you could listen to WNBC in stereo by using 2
radios -one adjusted just slightly above 660 kHz and the other just slightly below 660! And it worked! I believe they later changed to C-Quam as it became the norm.

Make Me Rich. Could this have been the $66,000 joke contest? Bill Says: a mini sticker to put on your phone!

WNBC 66 Radio. Bill Says: it's off a mid 70's QSL card.

WNBC. Looks like a late 70's logo to me. Bill Says: it's an early 80's logo.

The Only Station... I believe this was the early 70's. Bill Says: it is likely from the early to mid 70s.

Make Me Rich. More from the $66,000 joke contest.. a bumper sticker.

WNBC. Anyone Know?  Update: Jeff Baker strikes again: (it) is from 1972. It looks the right-half of a bumper sticker, which said "Imus" in yellow letters, to the left of the call letters. I've still got a couple of those.

66 WNBC. I welcome suggestions. Update: Jeff Baker wrote to say: That was probably one of the LAST logos the station used. I have it on a ceramic mug I got in 1987.

WNBC. Early 70's color

If We Weren't So Bad. A copy of the ad from the big campaign that NBC did for Imus & Stern.

66 WNBC AM Stereo. Helped promote AM Stereo in the mid 80's.

66 WNBC Jukebox. Looks like an old metal key chain (see the whole in the top), but I have no other details.   Update: Jeff Baker wrote to say: The metallic time machine jukebox near the bottom of that page in gold & red was a Xmas tree ornament (really!) given out at a December 1987 WNBC/Time Machine oldies concert at Radio City Music Hall. (featured acts Lou Christie & Ben E. King, and I think the GrassRoots were there too.)

66 WNBC. Looks like a logo you would see on a microphone flag. (Those are the plastic things with your logo on them.)  Bill Says: it is a microphone flag. The sales manager sent me the flag just before WNBC died!

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