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Here's what you will find in the Bill Dulmage logo and photo collection:

bulletThis Page: Allen Beebe, Don Criqui, Johnny Dark, Roz Frank, Don Imus, Charles McCord, "Captain" Frank Reed
bulletPhotos 2: Mike Breen, Alan Colmes, Judy DeAngelis, Carol Mason, Ron O'Brian, Robin Quivers, Joey Reynolds, Michael Sarzynski, Dave Simms, Jay Sorensen, Howard Stern, Dan Taylor, Cast of the Time Machine.
bulletPhotos 3: Buzz Brindle, Ray Dariano, Donna Fiducia, Gail & Bill Grundfest, Kevin Metheny, Joey Reynolds Team, Al Rosenberg, Soupy Sales Team, Jack Spector

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Allen Beebe

Don Criqui - Don did sports on Imus among other things, now he works for CBS.

Johnny Dark - Johnny did mid-days pre Soupy and also did the overnight.

Roz Frank - N Copter Traffic reporter.

Roz Frank - On air personality & Bill believes this is when Roz was music director.

Don Imus

Don Imus - Mid 80's. This is the publicity photo of Don that I have seen the most. How about that chest hair? And gee.. his neck isn't even floppy.
McCord Early 80's Charles McCord - Late 80's - The man known as the sidekick of Imus also worked for NBC Radio's all news network in the early 70's.
McCord late 80's Charles McCord - Early 80's - I believe Imus would call this Chuck's "male menopause" look. When he owned a Corvette & stuff.

"Captain" Frank Reed - Did the "Frank Reed All Request Radio Show" in the early 80's. He sent me a t-shirt. I requested Thriller. Not that I really wanted to hear Michael Jackson, but I really wanted a t-shirt so I requested the #1 song. 
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