Composite Collection

These are some smaller contributions we have taken in. Remember, we always give credit where credit is due, so if you kick in your contribution, you'll see yours on the net!
Contributor: Jeff Roteman
T-Shirt. - It's a Time Machine T-shirt, with one of this pages favorites, Jay Sorensen the Time Machine king, along with the record pig.
T-Shirt - Big Jay Sorenson played the oldies overnight on the Time Machine. Weekends also.
Contributor: Mike Berry
The Clear Favorites. A bumper sticker from an NBC Promotion with Sprite.
Autographed Soupy. Mike pulled in a Soupy autograph, and it reads "To Mike - Best wishes & lots of happiness - Soupy"
Contributor: Gene Garnes
Big Wilson. 1974 photo provided by Gene Garnes Sr. 
Big Wilson. WNBC promo provided by Gene Garnes Sr. 
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