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Here's what you will find in the Bill Dulmage logo and photo collection:
bulletPhotos 1: Allen Beebe, Don Criqui, Johnny Dark, Roz Frank, Don Imus, Charles McCord, "Captain" Frank Reed
bulletPhotos 2: Mike Breen, Alan Colmes, Judy DeAngelis, Carol Mason, Ron O'Brian, Robin Quivers, Joey Reynolds, Michael Sarzynski, Dave Simms, Jay Sorensen, Howard Stern, Dan Taylor, Cast of the Time Machine.
bulletPhotos 3: Buzz Brindle, Ray Dariano, Donna Fiducia, Gail & Bill Grundfest, Kevin Metheny, Joey Reynolds Team, Al Rosenberg, Soupy Sales Team, Jack Spector

Bill Dulmage has done it again! He has an entire collection of WNBC publicity photos and he is sharing with us! Take a look at the these cast photos. Please check out his site at The Bill Dulmage (Southern Ontario & Western N.Y.) Radio & TV Archive: I have never seen as big a collection of logos as he has on his site.

Mike Breen - Then he would fill in for Dave Simms, now he is one of the premiere voices in NBC Sports, covering Basketball. He also does sports on Imus' syndicated radio program.

Alan Colmes - Talker in the afternoon, had the dubious honor of signing off WNBC for the final time. Now he is a syndicated radio show host, and I believe still does radio graffiti.

Judy DeAngelis - Newscaster, she would fill in on various shifts, but primarily weekday mid-days.

Carol Mason - If I remember Robin Quivers book right Carol was News Director at WNBC for a while.  Update: Never go by memory... here's what Jeff Baker has to say: You also have a picture of Carol Mason. She never was News Director, rather she was an occasional talent on the "Time Machine" broadcasts. Carol had also worked for sister station WYNY, just upstairs on the 9th floor.

Ron O'Brian -

Robin Quivers - Former Air Force Lt., still works with Howard Stern.

Joey Reynolds - Joey was afternoon guy after Howard. According to Jay Sorensen, had the dubious honor of having Imus cuss him out, dirty words and all, live on the air, no delay.

Michael Sarzynski -

Dave Simms - Dave was the evening sports show host and did play by play. I believe he worked for WCBS-TV for a while, but I don't know where he is now.

Jay Sorensen. He was Joey Reynolds sidekick and did the Time Machine. Great guy, and one of the only former NBC people to actually contact the site..

Howard Stern - Afternoons for three years, now he does some stuff in radio and TV I think.

Dan Taylor -
The Cast of The Time Machine -

Jack Scott, Jim Collins (Isn't he the one who Imus named his cat after?), Dan Taylor, Jay Sorensen & Dale Parsons. Parsons voiced a wonderful retrospective on 66 WNBC. Check out the sounds page to see where to hear it.

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