Dick Summer

Dick Summer

Thanks for including my picture on one of your pages. (Right under Cuz Brucie) Growing up in the Holy City of Brooklyn, cracking a mike at WNBC and WNEW was a childhood fantasy. I got to do both. Those were some of the best days of my broadcasting life...and nights. 

I'll never forget the great blackout...when everything went dark...calling engineering, and being told "TV GOES BACK ON FIRST." When I asked "who the hell do you think is watching tv with no electricity"...they just hung up. 

But probably the funniest (in a weird way) thing that happened was when Bob Pittman fired me. He said "come in and close the door...You're the best communicator I ever heard, but we're not going to do that any more. You can have the picture from the lobby if you want. Goodbye." I've spoken with Bob several times since then, and looking back, he's been big enough to laugh at the "radio logic" involved.

It was such a joy. Thank you for remembering I was a part of it. EXCEPT you forgot to include me in the Alumni list. That's ok, I guess, except as Ceasar always said to Cleopatra, Ne auderis delere orbem rigidum meum!