Alan Lyster

Alan Lyster

Thanks for putting together a great web site on WNBC. 

My fondest memories are listening to the station late evening / early morning on summer nights circa 1971 - 1974. I was working as a bell hop at the Berkeley-Carteret Hotel in Asbury Park at the time. Many a night I would spend on the beach, or in my car or in the hotel with various girl friends and WNBC always seemed to be in the background. I particularly remember sitting by a window [summer '72] in the hotel with a girlfriend and as we watched the crowds on the boardwalk Murray the K would do his "hey baby, are you naked" routines with his callers. 

In fact, one summer Murray the K stayed at the hotel and my girlfriend and I babysat for him and his wife [I presumed it was his wife]. GE should have never sold the station / very, very short sighted. Keep up the good work! 


Alan Lyster.