Kursk - July, 1943

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OK - so 2000 was a bad year for updates ! We'll see if 2001 brings me a bit more time...

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The Orders of Battle show the command structure and commanders down to Division, Brigade and sometimes Regiment level. This is supplemented by the Tables of Organisation and Equipment, which give details of the theoretical make-up of each type of unit. The section on Strengths and Casualties shows the actual state of each unit. If you are looking for one specific unit - go to the "unit search" page.

The Air Battle section covers the same same data for the Luftwaffe and VVS forces involved in the battle.

The Maps section contains the maps I have to hand showing Strategic and Tactical situations.

The day-to-day account shows exactly that - and will include the build-up to the battle, and its' aftermath in a little while. Alongside this account, check the "Sun, Moon and Weather" pages to understand what the conditions were like, plus the night-time visibility.

I hope the rest of the areas are self-explanatory - if not - e-mail me, or drop your comments in the guest-book !

Alan Wilson
New Year's Eve, 2000
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