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SEMION ARIA, Guards Senior Sergeant

Story:The bridge collapsed at once and without deliberation. The tank hit the ravine's slope with its front armor, turned over with its tracks up, and slid to the bottom.


Interview: Tracer fire, when it starts from above, and you only see the luminescent line lower, lower, falling toward you, now it will reach your level and cut you in half. Well, in short, war is war, what is there to talk about.

DMITRIY LOZA, Guards Colonel

Interview: My tank was hit on 19 April 1945 in Austria. A Tiger put a round straight through us. The projectile passed through the entire fighting compartment and then the engine compartment.



Polish Campaign: We finally reached the demarcation line, which followed the Bug River. We could see how the shovels flashed on the other side of the river. Those were Germans fortifying their positions and digging trenches.


Winter War: The first killed soldier of our regiment was lying in the clearing. This means that at night the Finns had advanced into the clearing to meet the attacking units. The first corpse, it has begun.

Great Patriotic War: (coming soon!)



Part 1: The senior sergeant said: "Before you is the Degtiarev machine gun. In order to shoot you need to push this, depress here, put this on, insert this and shoot".

Part 2: You're going to Solovki for 10 days. When you return, you must know not only the inmates and what they're in for, but also the name of the cook's dog. Is that clear?



Great Patriotic War: It's scary for the pilot, he sees that he's being shot at. He'll drop the bomb anyway, but to make him err, drop the bomb a little sooner or too late - that is our task.


NATALIA PESHKOVA, Guards Senior Lieutenant

Interview:They didn't even curse around me at the front. These were normal, regular soldiers, and not some kind of intelligentsia. There weren't any affairs at the front.

On to the West: Natasha Peshkova's glory was born in battles, in peril, in the lethal singing of tracer bullets and shells.


YURI KORYAKIN, Sergeant Major

The story: So I got such a gift from fate, than no one ever gave me and will not anymore - I'm ALIVE.

Letters: I directly said that despite it being the second year of the war, I cannot answer the question: "What have you done for the destruction of German occupiers?"


MARIANA MILUTINA, Senior Lieutenant

The story: On June 22 we had an exam. Well, when I heard on the radio that the war had begun, I thought: "That's good, maybe they'll at least give me a passing mark!"



The story: I come out to the edge of the wood and ... A fascist fighter is diving straight at me! Me - I'm running back to the grove, dodging. But he didn't grudge me a bomb.


IVAN SHELEPOV, Guards Sergeant

Interview: The sounds of explosions drew closer, and it seemed to me that I heard the roar of engines - TANKS!!!



(coming soon!)


REM ULANOV, Lieutenant

Story 1: There was an 8-wheeled German gun-armed armoured car at the outskirts of the village, pinning our infantry down by its fire. Lt. Karginov told me to turn the SP to the right and our second shot blew the turret off the German armoured car.

Story 2: When one of the tanks from our group tried to pass a slow-moving truck, it collided head-on with an approaching truck, smashed it to pieces and killed the two people inside.

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