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 WWII Armour Penetration Performance Statistics (WinWord'2000)
 The History of the Crossbow (in Russian) (Adobe PDF)
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 The Lecture "The anarchy. P.I. Kropotkin" (in Russian) (WinWord'2000)
 Albert Speer. Memoirs (in Russian) (WinWord'2000)
The quantity of the Soviet guns and mortars in western Military Districts
Strength of the artillery of fortified sectors of the 4th Guards Army
The Structure and Organization of the Red Army's Tank Forces
Manufacture of some armament in 1932-45
Output of NKTP Factories in 1941
Ranks in Red Army
Production of the Soviet Tank Guns in 1941-45
Comparative strength of the Soviet rifle division and the German inf. division
List of Soviet Armies and their HQs at Kursk Battle
Quantity and condition of tanks in Red Army
Artillery density at Kursk Battle by July 4, 1943
Necessary Observations Regarding the Comparison of Tanks
Projectiles and Armor
Was the Tiger really "King?"
Molotov Cocktail
Soviet antitank rifles
Destroy Fascist Tanks With the Antitank Rifle
Armour of the 1st Division of ROA
Soviet Combat Snowmobiles
    - ANT-IV Snowmobile
    - NKL-26 Snowmobile
    - RF-8-GAZ-98 Snowmobile
Losses of T-35
Tank losses of the 5th Tank Army
Losses of Soviet Tank Armies and Corps in 1942-1945
Losses of the Red Army in 1941.
Damages of the "Ferdinand" TDs
Damages of "Panther" tanks
OMSBON - Independent Special Purpose Motorized Brigade
"General" Winter
Mystery of the Alexander Pushkin Death
   - After Shots at Black River (in Russian)
   - Mystery of the Second Shot (in Russian)
Kronshtadt Mutiny in 1921 (in Russian)
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