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NZ Artillery Units of WW2

When New Zealand declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, the Regular Force had 100 officers and fewer than 500 men and women. The Artillery was increased to accommodate more men under training and mobilization camps were set up.

In addition to preparing men for fighting overseas, the Home Establishment had to defend New Zealand from invasion.

It took nearly two years to build the Divisional Artillery of 2 NZEF, in which time many of the requirements changed.

At the peak of its strength in Feb 1945, there were 35000 New Zealanders serving with 2 NZEF in Europe.

When Japan entered the war in 1942, a Third Division was raised and 3 Div Arty was created.

Of the 104,988 New Zealanders who went overseas with 2 NZEF, 6839 were killed, 15,325 were wounded and 8395 were captured.

    NZ artillery units stationed in New Zealand
    NZ artillery units in Africa and Europe, 2 Div Arty
    NZ artillery units in the Pacific, 3 Div Arty
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