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In 1940, before Japan entered the war, the establishment was

  • Commander, Royal NZ Artillery
  • Staff Officer, Artillery
  • Ammunition and Equipment Duties
  • Northern Military District
    • District Artillery Officer
    • Artillery Training Regiment NMD Mobilization Camp, Papakura
  • Central Military District
    • District Artillery Officer
    • Assistant Artillery Instructor
    • Coast Artillery School
  • Southern Military District
    • District Artillery Officer
    • 3rd Heavy Regiment
  • 1st Field Regiment    HQ Auckland
    • 1st Battery    HQ Auckland
      • A Troop Ponsonby
        Four 18-pr
      • B Troop Ponsonby
        Four 18-pr
      • C Troop Ponsonby
        Four 4.5-in
    • 2nd Battery    HQ Onehunga
      • D Troop Onehunga
        Four 18-pr
      • E Troop Onehunga
        Four 18-pr
      • F Troop Onehunga
        Four 3.7-in
  • 2nd Field Regiment    HQ Wellington
    • 3rd Battery    HQ Wellington
      • A Troop Wellington
        Four 18-pr
      • B Troop Wellington
        Four 18-pr
      • C Troop Wellington
        Four 4.5-in
    • 4th Battery    HQ Napier
      • D Troop Napier
        Four 18-pr
      • E Troop Napier
        Four 18-pr
      • F Troop Palmerston North
        Four 4.5-in
    • Band
    • Meteorology Section
  • 3rd Field Regiment    HQ Christchurch
    • 5th Battery    HQ Christchurch
      • A Troop Christchurch
        Four 18-pr
      • B Troop Christchurch
        Four 18-pr
      • C Troop Christchurch
        Four 3.7-in
    • 6th Battery    HQ Dunedin
      • D Troop Dunedin
        Four 18-pr
      • E Troop Dunedin
        Four 18-pr
      • F Troop Dunedin
        Four 4.5-in
  • 8th Medium Regiment    HQ Auckland
    • 7th Battery    HQ Auckland
      • A Troop Narrow Neck
        Four 6-in How.
      • B Troop Hamilton
        Four 60-pr
    • 8th Battery    HQ Wellington
      • C Troop Wellington
        Four 6-in How.
      • D Troop Petone
        Four 6-in How.
  • 9th Heavy Regiment    HQ Devonport
    • 9th Heavy Battery    HQ Motutapu
      Three 6-in MK XXI
    • 10th Heavy Battery    HQ North Head
      Two 6-in MK VII, two 12-pr, two AMTB
    • 11th Heavy Battery    HQ Takapuna
      Four 4-in MK VII
    • 12th Anti-aircraft Battery    HQ Devonport
      Two 3-in AA
  • 10th Heavy Regiment    HQ Seatoun
    • 13th Heavy Battery    HQ Palmer Head
      Two 6-in MK XXI
    • 14th Heavy Battery    HQ Fort Dorset
      Two 6-in MK VII, four 4-in MK VII, two 12-pr, two AMTB
    • 16th Anti-aircraft Battery    HQ Fort Dorset
      Two 3-in AA
  • 11th Heavy Regiment    HQ Godley Head
    • 17th Heavy Battery    HQ Godley Head
      Two 6-in MK XXI
    • 18th Heavy Battery    HQ Battery Point
      Two 4-in MK VII
This was expanded when Japan entered the war and the potential threat to New Zealand escalated.

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