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Revolutionary Era

1775   Diary of Jemima Condict. New Jersey Colonists sense the coming conflict with Great Britain and make preparations.

1776   Margaret Morris's Revolutionary War Experience, 1776-1777.

1776   Memorial honoring the patriotic dead, especially Hannah White Arnett (1733-1823).

1776   Oil portrait of Jannetje Vrelandt Drummond.

1779   Wax model portrait of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, by Patience Lovell Wright (1725-1786) and historical plaque honoring her.

1780   The Ladies of Trenton Assemble. During the Revolutionary War, well-to-do women in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland organized to raise money to help the poorly-financed Continental Army.

1783   "To General Washington" by Annis Boudinot Stockton. A poem sent to George Washington on August 26, 1783, just a few months after the U.S. Congress ratified the provisional Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War

1786   A Petition by Rachel Lovell Wells, 1786. The text of the petition of a Bordentown sculptor and widow to the Continental Congress for relief after the Revolutionary War, May 18, 1786. 

1789   Engraving of "Washington's Reception on the Bridge at Trenton."

1789   Woman's Silk Ball Gown.

1790   Acts of the Fifteenth General Assembly of New Jersey. This document refers to voters as both "he" and "she," 1790. 

1797   An Act to regulate the election of members of the legislative council and general assembly, sheriffs and coroners, in this State. This act allowed voting by women, 1797.

1797   Women at the Polls in New Jersey; a Newspaper engraving from 1880 picturing women voting in 1797.

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