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Domestic work

Lenape Birthing Practices, ca. 1000 to 1650, an illustration of a menstrual hut and other Lenape practices. 

Lenape Pottery Making, ca. 1000 to 1650, a modern drawing depicting Lenape women making pottery. 

1700  NJ Indian Mortar and Pestle .

1758   "Sleep Balmy Sleep," a poem by Annis Boudinot Stockton (1736-1801) written on the occasion of her husband's last illness, 1758. 

1800   Letter from Gavin Scott of Elizabethtown to his brother in Alnwich, England, 1800. 

1822   Painting of a scrubwomen by Baroness Hyde de Neuville (Anne Marguerite Henriette de Marigny Hyde de Neuville, unknown -1849).

1854   Mary Paul's letter from the North American Phalanx, describes her life and work in the community, 1854. 

1865   "The Tress of Golden Hair," by Trenton poet Ellen Clementine Howarth (1827-1899), 1865.

1868   Patent model for a sieve invented by Mrs. John D. Jones of Jersey City.

c. 1880s   Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune (1830-1922), a novelist and writer on household management was known to readers by her pen name, “Marion Harland."  

1920  Night work for women.  In the 1920s, the New Jersey Consumer’s League and the National Consumer’s League, studied the working conditions of women in the state of New Jersey and, in particular, the conditions in the textile mills of Passaic.

1921   Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), an expert in scientific management. 

1928   Whittier House Cooking Class.

1932   Domestic science class, New Jersey State Manual Training and Industrial School for Colored Youth, photograph, 1932.

1942   World War II Ration Book and Stamps, 1942.  

c.1943   Buying Victory Garden Seed, c.1943.  

1952   New Jersey Wage Discrimination Act. This act was New Jersey's first equal pay act, 1952. 

1956   Food Relief for Striking Westinghouse Workers, 1956. A photograph of women collecting groceries for strikers.

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