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c. 1803  Hannah Kinney’s Records of the Newark Female Charitable Society, 1803-1804.

1846   Martha Washington Salem Union No. 6., Daughters of Temperance, a portion of the charter of an early women's temperance union, 1846. 

1867   The Founding Convention of New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association. A newspaper account of the proceedings, 1867. 

1887   Leonora M. Barry's Report on Women's Work in New Jersey.  The Knights of Labor inspector of women's work inspects Trenton, Newark, Bordentown, Lambertville and Paterson, 1887.          

c. 1897   Jennie Tuttle Hobart (1849-1941), ca. 1897, when she was Second Lady of the nation during the first administration of William McKinley. 

1903   Newark Female Charitable Society, 1903.

1912   Logo of the Women's Political Union of New Jersey, 1912.

1913   "Some Things Accomplished at Whittier House" 19th annual Report of Whittier House.

1915   "Don’t Forget the Band Concert," photo of suffrage campaign band, 1915.

1915   "Passing the Suffrage Torch," photo of suffrage campaign event, 1915.

1915   Suffragist petitioning a New Jersey canal worker, photograph, 1915.

1915   Suffragist poll watcher during the 1915 New Jersey referendum.

1915   Whittier House Playground for children, 1915.

1915   Whittier House Kindergarten Class, 1915.

1920   New Jersey League of Women Voters, minutes of first meeting, 1920. 

1926   Strikers' Children's Kitchen, Passaic, 1926. Photograph of children outside a relief kitchen during the Passaic woolen strike.  

1927   Florence Spearing Randolph (1866-1951). The front page of the New Jersey State Federation News, the newspaper of the NJ State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, with photograph of Randolph, the founder, and a history of early years of the organization, 1927. 

1929   Watchtower, New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs.

1940   Child Labor on New Jersey Farms, 1940.  

c. 1950s   Alberta Gonzalez (1914-1996), a migrant farm worker and labor leader. 

1956   Food Relief for Striking Westinghouse Workers, 1956. A photograph of women collecting groceries for strikers. 

1972   New Directions for Women, 1972. This is the front page of the second issue, published in the Fall of 1972.  

c. 1980s   Marilyn J. Morheuser (1924-1995), an influential litigator of public school finance issues.

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