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12 Feb 00
CMP Specifications
CMP maintenance manuals are remarkably concise, probably as a function of being comprehensible to the "lowest common denominator" in our wartime army. However well that may have served at the time, it serves the modern collector/restorer even better!
These remain in general circulation thoughout the collector community, and in some cases can be had as reproductions, as available and required. 
Herewith, MAPLE LEAF UP presents an instant online reference for general CMP specifications, drawn from the charts published in these various manuals. We are currently limited to the Ford and G.M. CMP specifications sheets, but will add similar references to other Canadian vehicles, including armour, as the manuals are made available to us.
Should you have any suggestions or requests, or manuals you might be able to offer us for reference, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Ford Canada CMP Specifications
General Motors of Canada CMP Specifications

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