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 10 Mar 02
Canadian Military Vehicles in WW2
IN WW2, CANADA PRODUCED  almost a million vehicles for service with the Commonwealth forces. In addition, the Canadian Army Overseas used a wide variety of miscellaneous British and American hard- and soft-skin vehicles.
The categories below display history, specifications and photographs of many of these vehicles.  We try to capture the essence of this era through cataloging restored examples wherever possible. This will also include examples of the restoration process. Obviously but happily, this will be an unending job, so please check back regularly as new examples are added and new categories activated.
Needless to say, if you have any contributions to offer, please email us with your photos and descriptions (if you're close by, we might even be persuaded to come down and document your project ourselves). Also needless to say, we reserve the right to select and edit submissions based on quality, applicability and available space on our overtaxed server.

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Universal Carriers The Ubiquitous Universal Carrier
A section on the Universal Carrier, that under-rated example of Commonwealth engineering excellence, which served all our Forces with spirit and dignity throughout the war.
CMP Softskins CMP Softskin Vehicles
The well-known CMP will forever be enshrined in the Military Vehicles Hall of Fame. Here we present profiles of vehicles we or our friends and acquaintances are restoring, with the odd other interesting bit thrown in for good luck.
CMP Armour CMP Armour
Canada produced some superb (and some not-so-superb, but always unique), armoured vehicles during WW2. This C15TA Armoured Truck was an excellent answer to infantry mobility on the European battlefield. See this and all the others here.
CAC The Canadian Armoured Corps
Canada fielded two complete armoured divisions during WW2, the 4th and the 5th, in addition to an independent armoured brigade. Their tools were by necessity British or American, but some uniquely Canadian armour ended up filling a critical need on the battlefield. 
Wrecks CMP Wrecks
Slowly aging beyond redemption but always remembered, CMP wrecks are still to be found right across the face of the globe. A few will serve for restoration, others for parts, and still more, simply as relics to be respected for the sights they've seen and the places they've been.
The Restoration Logs The Restoration Logs
The lucky ones are here. Fifty-five years after they emerged from frantic production lines, a few of these timeless Canadian vehicles are being restored to their former splendour. Follow along here to what will see the light of day sometime soon.
CMP BitsOdds & Ends
Miscellaneous CMP bits and pieces, including original Ford of Canada advertising and other unique memorabilia.

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