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  10 Mar 02
CMP Armour
Along with the more commonly known CMPs, Canada produced several unique wheeled armoured vehicles during WW2. Some were more successful than others, but few of any type survive today, although many served other nations well, long after the war.
These vehicles were produced by both Ford and General Motors, with the latter being more prolific. They were mostly adaptations of British designs or specifications (like the CMP truck), but each was uniquely Canadian in its engineering and manufacture.
Although not much material is available to us as of this writing, we will endeavour to ultimately photo-document each of these vehicles as completely as possible. If you have any information or photographs which may be of interest here, please don't hesitate to write! Likewise, if you know of any existing vehicles in this or any other category, whether wrecks or restored (or anything in between), we would love to hear from you.
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C15TA The C15TA Armoured Truck
The GM C15TA Armoured Truck was an indispensible part of Canadian army operations throughout the campaign in northern Europe. With superb reliability and tractability, the C15TA could go just about anywhere well... and it's ugly too!
Fox A/C The Canadian Fox Armoured Car
A unique Canadian armoured car which saw limited service in India, Italy and Great Britain, the GM Fox I was based upon the British Humber series of armoured cars. See the Restorations section for status and pics on a Fox currently being restored in Ontario.
Otter The Otter Reconnaissance Car
The Otter Reconnaissance Car, yet another product of GM Oshawa (Ontario), is so ugly it's beautiful! Some 1761 were produced, and most saw service in both Italy and northern Europe in security and convoy escort roles. More to come!
Lynx The Lynx Scout Car
The Ford of Canada Lynx scout car was a domestic equivalent to the popular British Dingo, which Canadian units used early in the war. A few remain in Canada, at least one of which is undergoing restoration out west. This example is resident in the U.K., the photographs kindly donated by Chris Shillito!

Canadian units in combat on the European continent used a wide variety of wheeled armoured vehicles throughout their formations, including several of British and American origin. Therefore, this section will also ultimately include pages on :
  • the American T17E1 Staghound armoured car;
  • the British Daimler I armoured car;
  • the British Humber IV armoured car;
  • the Briitish Humber I scout car
  • the British Dingo scout car
Please click on the following (underlined) links if you wish more information in the interim on the STAGHOUND,  or the HUMBER IV.

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