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North Korean government information

  • North Korea-- Statistics provided by PoliSci.com, the political reference almanac
South Korean government Political parties South Korean economy U.S. resources Culture and tourism Korean War North Korean media
  • Korean Central News Agency-- The state-run agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Includes daily news archive
  • The People's Korea-- A semimonthly on Korean affairs, it is the Tokyo-based unofficial mouthpiece of the DPRK Government, and includes sections on foreign relations, the economy and the military as well as on history and culture
South Korean media
  • Korea Times -- Daily journal containing sections on news, business, technology, culture and sports
  • The Korea Herald-- English language daily providing local and national news to the global community
  • Korea Focus-- A bimonthly magazine published by the Korea Foundation on overall Korean issues, including politics, economy, society and culture
  • Korean Broadcasting System-- Information, articles and schedules
  • Korea Insights-- Journal of Korean culture and arts
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