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Sintra Trams, Buses & Carriage Rides described by train and tram buff John Laidlar. Detailed info on specialty-transportation in Sintra. The author also has a page on the Sintra Railway Line.

Official Municipal of Sintra THESE AREN"T WORKING. They host a number of photo-filled pages, but the English translations, eg. lauding Sintra in the "collective imaginariness." Even so, the Museums page has exact opening times, phone numbers, etc. Available in Portuguese.

The Climate of Sintra by Belgian high-school students, the Koninklijk Atheneum Landen. The scientific dope.


Travelogue by Michael. Includes a dozen zoomable images, and entertaining narrative, eg., that Sintra's taxi drivers "make NYC taxi drivers look like your grandmother. No kidding." He also had my experience with French—it comes in very handy when reserving hotels.

Queluz Palace

Virtual Portugal: Queluz Palace. See also Queluz Gardens.

Trip Advisor reviews of Queluz Palace.

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