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Rob, Eric and Tara travel journal, with a good picture of the Moorish castle. On Pena, "The views from the palace are breathtaking, probably the nicest I have ever seen."

Pena Palace: Don and Linda Freedman's travelogue. A bit credulous:

"There are natural magnetic properties because of massive deposits of iron ore. You can go into a cave and your watch will stop. You can shut off your car at a particular point and feel the car being pulled uphill. We didn't experience this phenomenon but it is so recorded."

Daniel Bachmann's Sintra travelogue. Bachmann advertises "The most extensive travelogue of Europe on the Internet." He doesn't say that much about Sintra, but he enjoyed it:

"I must tell you that Sintra is a hiker�s dream! Lush growth of ferns, wandering jew, yucca, Ivy, thickly barked trees, flowers and oranges are all around little trails."
He finishes:
"Sintra has made up for all of Lisbon�s disappointments and then some. This place is awesome! "

Anonymous travelogue. The hosters, Pagewise, are a pretty sleazy outfit. They won't say where the page came from, but you can reprint the article by sending 30 bucks to somewhere in Texas.

Photologue of Ramona Borthwick. Unfortuately, the National Palace was closed, and Ms.Borthwick never made it to the Quinta. And there's a sad shot of the author outside of the Pena Palace, which, it being Monday, was also closed.

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