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Photographs and Photographers

Tourist snapshots | Prints and sketches

Gerhard Laga . Laga took many photos from the inside of the National Palace (there are few elsewhere found on the web), and some the best pictures of Monserrate, found mostly on the next page.

Tourist snapshots

Todd Clements's Sintra Photographs (Moorish Castle and Pena Palace predominate). Mr. Clements takes some strange stuff, such as snapshots of the food he ate, and regular tourist photos with a small, white stuffed bear in the foreground (eg., on the steps of Moorish Castle). I'm all in favor; The bear obstructs the photo less than the standard-issue American girlfriend. Anyway, the guy's a Mac OS programmer, so he gets as much slack as he wises.

Jean Morrison Philip's detailed, multi-page travelogue with high-quality photos, covering the Pena and the Moorish Castle. The trip was apparently a honeymoon. Her husband Dan Phillips also has his pictures up, and they are similarly striking. The couple share a love for details—Jean's does a nice study of a lily pond at Pena, Dan some quirky sculpture at Pena. I think they would have enjoyed the Quinta da Regaleira.

Forty-one photos of Sintra taken by "jbabos2" in October, 2003, many of the Moorish Castle and all very good. The photographer writes, "If you are in the Lisbon area, this town is a definite must."

Karin and Alexander P�schel's Sintra photographs including many from the Quinta de Regaleira and a few of the Pena Palace. (Sintra is on this page and the next one.)

mcve06's shots of the Moorish Castle, Pena Palace and National Palace. Pictures are annotated, ie. on Pena "The weird but wonderful Palácio Nacional de Pena. Its architecture consists of a multitude of architectures from around the world."

Ben and Lisa's shots of the Pena Palace . The galleries here don't pick up many of the shots because the day was overcast, but the images are large and I appreciated the shots of the explanatory plaques. I always forget to photograph them.

"Paul's excellent adventure in Portugal" a good collection of photographs, by Paul David Jagger, mostly of the Pena Palace. His colleague Daniel Boulet took an amazing number of good photos in Lisbon itself.

A half-dozen artfully-composed photographs of Sintra taken by "delabaysp," including shots of the town itself, and Pena Palace.

Shots of the Pena Palace by "antoniotomaz," including a great shot of the gate.

Quirky Sintra photos from the anonymous webmaster of "The day was absolutely steamy." (And the pictures show it!)

Joe Maller: Photography. Almost all pictures are blurry from motion, or focus on detail which, although the result might be striking visually, aren't about Sintra.

Timothy Ditzman. Many photos also found on Photographica. Photos are for sale and licensing.

nomix's snapshots of Pena Palace. Short annotations in French.

Pena Palace snapshots taken by shanerene. Some head-tilting is required.

Moorish Castle and Pena Palace snapshots taken by "kafras."

Sintra snapshots by "garethdog." There are only a few. I like the Quinta de Regaleira pond-slime shot.

A few well-composed Sintra snapshots by "gareth_uk."

Lars Mathiassen's Sintra photos (standard but nice). There are public photos or, as he puts it, "No rights reserved." Not surprisingly, it has popped-up elsewhere.

DrewV's Sintra Page on Andrew, a Tennessee in Belgium (and, like myself, a Georgetown alumn)

Sasa Kulic. Web developer who visited Evora and Sintra.

trevorself's photographs, mostly of the Pena Palace.

A nice tourist snapshot of a foggy Pena Palace taken by "tommygot." Also this (with fellow in shot).

Alfred Molon's artfully composed photos, including some of Monserrate Park.

Webshots: shiprock1. Lots of pigeon shots.

One snapshot of the Pena Palace by carolynlj.

A few shots of the national palace by "louisehuot."

Some snapshots by "jlivens."

Prints, paintings and sketches

"Cork Convent" print from an 1850s book on Byron, and a general shot of Cintra.

Watercolor of a statue from the Quinta da Regaleira by Eric Wiegardt.

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