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Virtual Portugal: Fair of S. Pedro.

Virtual Portugal: Sintra Festival.

Sintra Ballet Festival and Sintra Music Festival from Where To Go Next.

"Sintra shines even brighter in the summer, coming alive with live music and ballets performed by internationally renowned artists…"

"Siberians in Sintra" by Michael Church. Account of recitals by Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Maxim Vengerov during 2002 Sintra Music Festival, from Hvorostovsky's website.

Description of the Ballet and Music Festivals .

Official markets and fairs page from the Official Municipal of Sintra.

Hotels and other lodging

My pictures from the Pens�o Residencial Sintra, a delightful, relaxing, picturesque and affordable place to stay. The Pens�o doesn't, to my knowledge, have a dedicated web page, so I have provided some of my tourist snapshots here.

Editor's evaluation: My wife and I loved the Pens�o Residencial Sintra. I can't say that it's the best place to stay in Sintra—there are many and I've seen some rave reviews—but I can guarantee that it is an excellent place to say. It was certainly the best place we stayed in all of Portugal. The rooms are attractive and comfortable without being showy. The grounds have some nice places to drink tea or read a book. The staff are available and efficient, natural and friendly—some of the nicest people we met in Portugal. It is close to center but not in it, right next to excellent path up to the Moorish castle, making it an excellent base for exploring the town. Indeed, if you have a car, I think it would make an excellent base for seeing Lisbon itself.

Virtual Portugal: Accomodation in the area.

ADD THISThomas J. Sullivan's Sintra page

Frommer's: Accomodations, with descriptions of 9 restaurants. Many look inviting. As noticed elsewhere, I've stayed at the Pens�o Residencial Sintra, which is excellent (and rates only one $ out of three).

Pens�o Restaurante Nova Sintra. Built in 1875, the Pens�o Restaurante Nova Sintra holds both a hotel and a restaurant serving Portuguese delicacies. The travelogue of Ramona Borthwick describes it as "was one of the nicest we'd stayed in," and has a few photos of it (this and forward).

Hotel Tivoli, Sintra (four stars), with a panoramic bar and a restaurant, "Monserrate." See the images.

Website of Casa Miradouro, a renovated 1894 mansion. The name means "Viewpoint house." The Rough Guide describes it as having "terrific view of coast and castle."


Frommer's: Dining, with descriptions of six restaurants.

Food from Charles Dubow's "Original Sintra" (


Virtual Portugal: Golf around Sintra (and Lisbon)

Frommer's: Golf near Sintra.


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Limo-driver and tour guide Peter Feij�o. He is recommended by internet travelogue author Thomas J. Sullivan, who writes "I have met Peter and I recommend him highly."

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