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Mermaid Pictures, Ancient–18th Century

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 manuscript Apprently from Saint Pierre de Bessueacutejouls France c but the image seeems to have disappeared from the page that should have it Illustration from L Renard's i Poissons eacutecerevesses  Crabes hellipi
1791 manuscript
389 x 632
Apprently from Saint Pierre de Bessuéjouls, France (16c.), but the image seeems to have disappeared from the page that should have it!
600 x 528
Illustration from L. Renard's Poissons écerevesses & Crabes …
700 x 461
c Ilustartion of iHortis Sanitatii Pompeii fresco with Sirens c AD
250 x 187
"Ilustartion of Hortis Sanitati, 1491"
391 x 500
Pompeii fresco with Sirens (1c. AD)
529 x 553
source unknown source unknown alchemical siren
source unknown
218 x 305
source unknown
242 x 193
"alchemical siren"
500 x 398
mermaids-ancmed from an edition of the iPhysiologusi c  Notice the winged-dolphin-tailed sirens Monstra Niliaca Parei from Aldrovandi Ulisse's iMonstrorum historiai
472 x 662
from an edition of the Physiologus (c. 1070). Notice the winged-dolphin-tailed sirens
250 x 172
"Monstra Niliaca Parei" from Aldrovandi Ulisse's Monstrorum historia (1642)
1024 x 768
Mermaids St Michel d'Aiguilhe Late Medieval fresco from St Christopher Slapton England mermaids-ancmed
"Mermaids St. Michel d'Aiguilhe"
407 x 313
Late Medieval fresco from St. Christopher, Slapton, England
504 x 672
700 x 360
mermaids-ancmed from Athanasius Kircher's iOedipus Aegypticusi   Rome mermaids-ancmed
283 x 345
from Athanasius Kircher's Oedipus Aegypticus (Rome, 1652)
451 x 325
500 x 333
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