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IMDb: The President's Lady. 1953 movie version, with Charlton Heston and Susan Hayward, directed by Henry Levin.

Heston fan-site with info on the President's Lady. Informative site, but it sets up unending ads.

IMDb: The Buccaneer. Charlton Heston plays Jackson, Yul Brynner plays Lafitte in this 1958 Battle of New Orleans flick, a remake of a 1838 Cecil B. DeMille production.

IMDb: Old Hickory (1939). Nothing more available about this on the web.

IMDb: "The American President" a ten-part documentary series (2000). Second-tier politicians and pundits voice the presidents, eg., Bill Weld is Coolidge, Don Imus Johnson, David Gergen James Buchanan, and ames Carville (!) is Andrew Jackson. Well, Jackson was opinionated.

IMDb: The Gorgeous Hussy (1936). Joan Crawford plays Peggy Eaton, Lionel Barrymore plays Jackson. Says one reviewer "Joan Crawford is neither gorgeous nor a hussy in this boring movie about a young woman's struggle to find happiness and political say in the 1830s."

The Joan Crawford Encyclopedia quotes Crawford: "I wanted to do "Hussy," like a damned fool, and I did. Historical romance simply was not for me." See also this dedicated page.


Amazon. The President's Lady: A Novel of Rachael and Andrew Jackson by Irving Stone (1951)


David A. Fagerberg does historical reenactments as "Old Hickory."

Who Whigs Hate Most animated thingy.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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