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Educational (K-12)

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For kids

Lecture notes on Jacksonian's presidency from high-school AP history course by Griffith and Sayers.

Andrew Jackson: Was He a Good Choice for Gracing the Front of the $20 bill?: An Essential Question for Eighth Grade Social Studies by Mrs. Crowley, 2004. This is a rather full project, with tasks, questions and a good set of links for students.

"Should Andrew Jackson be considered a champion of democracy?" Outline arrangement of facts on Jackson and John Quincy Adams relevant to that question, compiled by David K. Miller, a high-school social studies teacher.

"Secretary of War Resigns: Wives of other Cabinet Members Refuse to Accept Peggy O'Neale" from the "Time Traveling Newspaper" of the Florida State Archives

Activities related to "Jackson's Veto and Webster's Reply" (1832) from the White House Historical Society.

Activities: The Rise of Jacksonian Democracy. High-quality source-based activities from the White House Historical Association. There are two sections: "The People's President," with much on Jackson's inauguration, and "The Margaret O'Neil Eaton Affair."

For educators

Andrew Jackson Bibliography For Kids from Andrew Jackson's. Not very useful. It's just a long list of books, without comments or suggestions.

C-SPAN Activity: Compare and contrast Jackson and Van Buren (secondary level).

C-SPAN Activity: Take notes on "rough" vs. "presidential" qualities (secondary level).

The Age of Jackson by Aerrie, Julie, and Tommy. Lesson plan produced for U.S. History for Teachers II taught by John Putman, San Diego State University.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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