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Herodotus Books

Amazon. The Historical Method of Herodotus by Donald Lateiner (Phoenix Supplementary Volumes, No 23).

Review by Mabel L. Lang, BMCR 1991.

A very thorough and complex work with much new insight into historiographic beginnings, this book provides through quotation and notes a veritable mine of all the best that has been said about Herodotus throughout the ages.

Amazon. Divinity and History : The Religion of Herodotus by Thomas Harrison (Oxford Classical Monographs). If this were a video it would be "priced for the rental market."

Reviewed by Rosaria Vignolo Munson for BMCR 2001.06.22.

"The complexity Harrison attributes to Herodotus is rather a massive confusion of traditional, if still lively, religious views. His book fails to examine how Herodotus' inquiry negotiates the contradictions of contemporary thought. As a matter of principle he denies us permission to do so."

Amazon. Herodotus in Context: Ethnography, Science, and the Art of Persuasion by Rosalind Thomas, Cambridge UP 2000.

Reviewed by F. S. Naiden for BMCR 2001.03.21.

"Rosalind Thomas' new book perhaps will mark the beginning of an effort to return Herodotus to what she calls "his context," which for her is mainly the medical and scientific literature of the 5th century."

Amazon. Herodotus by James Romm (paperback). Also available in hardback. Publisher's blurb, with many review excerpts.

Review by Donald Lateiner for The Historian, Spring 2000.

Romm worries little about issues of the endeavor's originality, its scope as we judge it from its result, self-imposed standards and duties of factual accuracy, and indeed Herodotus' own bona fides. Literary charm and moral intelligence intrigue him, and it is not clear how Romm's book would have been different if its subject were epic poetry or prose fiction.

Amazon. The Mirror of Herodotus : The Representation of the Other in the Writing of History by Francois Hartog. UC Press blurb.

Amazon. Herodotus and the Origins of the Political Community : Arion's Leap by Norma Thompson. Publisher's blurb (with reviews).

Review by Hugh Bowden, Histos 1997. - "Arion was borne ashore on the back of a dolphin; if Thompson in this book is doing the same for Herodotus, she has found a much less graceful means of conveyance."

Reviewed by Antony G. Keen, BMCR 1996. - "This is a very odd little volume."

Review of W. Kendrick Pritchett, The Liar School of Herodotos. Reviewed by Michelle Kwintner, BMCR 1994.

Amazon. Herodotean Narrative and Discourse by Mabel L. Lang (Martin Classical Lectures)

Amazon. Herodotos the Historian : His Problems, Methods, and Originality by K. H. Waters.

Amazon. Oxford Classical Text (Cheap Greek).

The Malice of Herodotus (De Malignitate Herodoti) by Plutarch, ed. Anthony Bowen. Publisher's blurb.

Review by J.M. Marincola in Ploutarchos: Journal of the International Plutarch Society (May 1994), with some critical comments:

"Having decided the de Malignitate is an oddity, Bowen never makes any prolonged attempt to understand the work on its own terms, or to fit it into the larger picture of ancient historiography, despite the fact that it is one of only three full-length essays on the writing of history to have come down to us from the ancient world..."

Amazon. How and Wells' Commentary , book 1-4. and books 5-11 (out of stock?)

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