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Persian Wars

Xerxes by V.G. Callender. Source-based biographical overview.

Themistocles (Brittanica 11th Edition).

Dr. J's Illustrated Persian Wars A good introduction by Janice Siegel, Temple University. See also Dr. J's Illustrated Pericles' Funeral Oration , and similar Illustrated Guide to the Classical World.

Documents Relevant to the Persian Wars (text of inscriptions adapted from Fornara) from William M. Murray's Herodotus course.

Sources on the Themistocles Decree from William M. Murray's Herodotus course.

PDF: "Alcibiades the Deserter: P. Oxy. III 411 Col. IV. 98" by K. Mayer, ZPE 1998.

The Persian Wars by Livio C. Stecchini. From prior experience I know that he's somewhat of a nut, but if I can't convince you maybe his Numerological pyramid-foolery will.

Amazon. The Greco-Persian Wars by Peter Green (1996). Rave customer reviews. Also available in hardcover. See the UC Press blurb.

Reviewed by J. O'Neil for Electronic Antiquity, 1997. A positive review, with some criticism of the lack of footnotes.

Review by Danny Yee for "Danny Yee's Book Reviews."

"While The Greco-Persian Wars is a scholarly volume (with the full apparatus of notes and bibliography), it has the feel of more popular writing: one can sense Green's other calling as a historical novelist."

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