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Eating, Drinking, Sleeping

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Hotels and other lodging

Hotel da Cartuxa (four stars). Hotel website includes facts and a picture gallery.

The Lóios Pousada one of the Pousadas of Portugal, historic, luxury accomodation.

Pousadas, Hotels, Inns and Pensions from António Miguel's Evora Page.

Hotel Dom Fernando (three stars)

Albergaria do Calvário (four stars), "The Tradition allied to confort" (sic)

Residencial Diana (three stars)

Hospedaria D'El Rei.

Evora Youth Hostel.

Yahoo Travels: Hotels in Evora.


ChefMoz (open-source restaurant info). Only one restaurant so far, with no review.

Wine tourism

Wine Touring Around Evora from Virtual Portugal .

Good short summary from, by Jennifer Drapisch. Summarizes local gastronomy, viniculture and sights. Also available here.

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