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Evora Guides

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Online Guides

Unesco's Survey of Evora. This is an excellent (and completely non-commercial) textual review of the history and sights.

António Miguel's Evora Page. Miguel, a professor of Physics at Evora University, has collected a lot of information about Evora for tourists. Unfortunately, his efforts are mostly undermined by the format. The web page takes forever to load and navigate, and features the sort of horrid over-music that mostly disappeared from the web in 1996. It's also not fun to find that blue only sometimes indicates a link. Some of the subpages are useful, eg., Pousadas, Hotels, Inns and Pensions.

All Travel Portugal. Brief.

"Lose yourself in the maze of Evora's streets with their delightful names: street of the Countess's Tailor, street of the Cardinal's Nurses, Square of Our Lord of Earthquakes, or alley of the Unshaved Man and of the Sulking Child."

Virtual Portugal on Evora. Includes an excellent numbered map of sights, and information on lodging.

"Evora and the Plains Country" by Fred Perry, from, "the ultimate resource for the independent traveller." The pictures in the gallery are much too small and grainy.

"Peeling Back Évora's Layers of History" by Rick Steves. Short summary from Tour Operator Rick Steves Europe.

The Great Outdoors, with general and outdoor information.

Good short summary from, by Jennifer Drapisch. Summarizes local gastronomy, viniculture and sights. Also available here.

Portugal Holidays. Brief.

World66. Brief.


Amazon. Rick Steves' Portugal 2005 by Rick Steves. I haven't used this guidebook, but I enjoyed his online essay Peeling Back Évora's Layers of History.

Amazon. The Rough Guide to Portugal by Mark Ellingham, John Fisher, and Graham Kenyon. Opinions may differ, but I found this the most useful guide.

Amazon. Lonely Planet Portugal by Julia Wilkinson and John King.

Amazon. Frommer's Portugal by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince.

Specific sights

Mike "Deadguy" Scott on the Capela Dos Ossos . Entertaining description of the chapel, with speculation on one of its myths. Scott has a whole series of Death on Display pieces, covering other "bone chapels" in Europe. Unfortunately, most of the pictures are broken. Incidentally, the author, who insists he's a nice guy, sells bones on eBay.

Other useful info

Weather Underground: Evora Weather.

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